Logistics are overcomplicated and overpriced. 

Discover Honest Fulfillment and Keep the Money you Earned. 

We manage your entire sales process.



Stop paying for what you aren't using!

NB3 began providing warehousing services after experiencing the price gauging, hidden "pick and pack" fees and long term storage costs of larger 3PL companies. These corporations are simply uninterested in helping small businesses that do not have the scale to make their model profitable. 


NB3 bundles resources and finds costs savings in group warehousing. We empower clients to focus on selling their products and growing their business without the concern of a unsuspected bill.

What we do for you:

  • Provide variable warehousing costs based on your company's changing needs with regular adjustments for space used and efficiencies found.

  • Work with your forecasts, MOQ's and customer base to move slow sellers and eliminate long term storage.



Lose the fear of being a first time vendor!

For every product, NB3 creates a quality control document. We use this as a checklist to make sure everything is perfect before sale. Did it get damaged in shipment? Is it the right colour? Are we making a multipack? Do we need to to put the item in a new box? Are regulatory stickers needed like anti-suffocation labels? Whatever is needed to sell, we get the prep work done at this step.

Whether the product is going to an individual e-commerce order or is being shipped in pallets to a large retailer across the country, we'll ensure we understand the unique needs of each customer. 





Keep the personal touch your customers expect without the cost and time!

NB3's Value Added Order Fulfillment Services can help you meet industry trends at the speed they require

What we do for you:

  • Product Bundles: Brands bundling products to sell slow-moving inventory and improve revenue.

  • Subscription Box Services: Companies making their brand stand above the competition by offering monthly subscription boxes.

  • Personalization: Online product orders becoming more personalized in terms of both  packaging as well as the door-delivery experience.

  • Display Racks and POS Systems: Temporary wing rack programs, promotional display opportunities and event based marketing materials that need to be available and shipped as irregular items. 




Focus your business on promoting, marketing and selling your products!

NB3's order fulfillment services will help reduce your infrastructure and logistical costs as well as improve operational efficiency. We provide receiving, processing and delivery services for business-to-business and individual direct-to-consumer orders. 

What we will do for you:

  • Reduce your supply chain costs by implementing reliable and cost effective solution

  • Provide you with detailed report management tools that measure your Key Performance Indicators.

  • Implement a cost effective and customized supply chain solution which meets your specific needs and expectations

Third Party Logistics: we will take the hassles out of your cross-border shipments by arranging the transportation of your product to and from the Canada, USA and Mexico boarders.




Keep your strong reputation!

NB3 ensures that any damaged or lost inventory is quickly handled, and returns are processed promptly. We answer customer questions about shipments, and respond to any negative transactional feedback to keep your customers happy. 


Let's make it happen

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